She loves supporting people who desire to optimize their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and she believes that the most powerful tool of any clinician is the ability to educate and empower the client to achieve and maintain optimal health.

As an instructor and mentor, Dr. Eastman believes that an excellent clinician is not one who knows everything, but one who knows how to identify what they don’t know, and how to search for the answers they need.

She supports her students and mentees in developing their critical thinking and clinical problem solving skills, and building their confidence as clinicians.


Her clinical mentorship style focuses on how to ensure client compliance by building strong, healthy therapeutic relationships, and teaches students and mentees how to build a treatment plan that is safe, gentle, and effective. Her treatment plans are rooted in researched medical science, are directed at treating the client’s mind and body as a whole, and take into account the client’s specific needs, obstacles and challenges.

Dr. Eastman strongly believes in integrative medicine and the value of a supportive community where patients, clients and clinicians can work together, and endeavours to increase access to that community for holistic nutritionists and health coaches through Thrive.